An air conditioner that reduces wasted energy by optimising its operation depending on the room conditions.

Its air purifying system will ensure a cleaner and healthier air in your home, whilst the mild dry cooling prevents dry skin and mouth for a more comfortable cooling/heating experience. The super quiet operation and easy to use features make this option extremely family friendly.

  • Cooling Energy Star Rating 3.5 Heating Energy Star Rating 4
  • Moisture Removal L/h 1.3 Pt/h 2.7 Air Circulation (indoor/Hi) Cooling L/s 175 m3/min. 10.5 ft3/min.
  • 370 Air Circulation (indoor/Hi) Heating L/s 188 m3/min. 11.3 ft3/min.
  • 400 Sound Pressure Level dB (A) (Cooling) Inside (Hi/Lo/S-Lo) 37/24/21
  • Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 45/- Sound Pressure Level dB (A) (Heating) Inside (Hi/Lo/S-Lo) 38/25/21
  • Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 46/- Sound Power Level dB (Cooling)
  • Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 60/- Sound Power Level dB (Heating) Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 61/-
  • Indoor Unit Height 290 mm Width 870 mm Depth 214 mm Net Weight 9 kg
  • Outdoor Unit Height 619 mm Width 824 mm Depth 299 mm Net Weight 32 kg
  • Outdoor Operation Range (deg C) Cooling +5C to + 46C Heating -15C to + 24C


  • ENTERTAINMENT – DVD & Blu Ray Players, TV Set top boxes
  • SMALL APPLIANCES (Selected) - Grills, Sandwich Makers, Slow Cookers, Snack Makers, Toasters, Electric Fry Pans, Coffee Machines, Nespresso Machines, Kettles, Kitchen Scales, Cameras, Telephones, Irons, Personal Grooming products


  • SMALL APPLIANCES (Selected) – Blenders, Food Processors, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwaves, Mixers, Breadmakers, Other Food Prep, Micro Systems, TV Wall Brackets, Audio Portable Systems, Steam Cleaners, Hand Held Cleaners


  • COOKING – Cooktops, Ovens, Rangehoods, Stoves, BBQs
  • DISHWASHERS – All types
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Mini Systems, Sound Bars, TV’s, Home Theatre Systems, Separate Audio Components
  • HEATING & COOLING – Heaters, Dehumidifiers 
  • LAUNDRY – Dryers, Washing Machines, Laundry Tubs
  • REFRIGERATION – Fridges, Freezers, Fridge/Freezers
  • FURNITURE - Tables, Headboards, Bookcases, Drawers, Dining Suites, Dining Chairs, Bar Stools

This product comes with a 60 month manufacturer's warranty.


1) Peace of mind: You are covered for problems with the functionality or operation of your item including fair wear and tear during the term of your Premium Care Product Protection Plan.

2) Replacement for products under $400: During the period of your cover if your item costs less than $400 and it suffers a breakdown we will replace it with a new product or provide a store card.

3) No Lemon Guarantee: During the period of your cover if your item costs more than $400 and has been repaired three times under your Premium Care Product Protection Plan on the fourth time We will replace it with a new product or provide you with a Store Card.

4) Repair Time Guarantee: If we take longer than 21 days to repair your item we will replace it with a new product or provide you with a store card. Our 21 day guarantee commences from when the repairer has possession of your item and ceases the earlier of:

  • The date the repairer sends to you or makes available to you your covered item having completed repairs; and
  • The date that is 21 days after the repairer received possession of your item.

5) Fair Wear and Tear: We cover mechanical or electrical breakdown of your item even as a result of fair wear and tear.

6) Free Assessment: We will not charge you for an assessment even when no fault is found with your item.

7) Free Freight Costs: During the claims process we will cover any freight costs associated with the handling of your item.

8) Power Surge Protection: Your item is covered for a breakdown caused by a power surge.

9) Overseas Protection: Portable items such as laptops tablets mobile phones and digital cameras that can be used whilst travelling overseas are covered when they suffer a breakdown whilst overseas.

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Delivery Policy

We will endeavour to meet our stated delivery timeframes. However we do not warrant that these timeframes will be met as there are a multitude of different factors that can affect delivery times.

  • For courier items please allow 3-5 days for delivery
  • For larger items dispatch via truck please allow 3-5 days for delivery
  • For rural areas please add an additional 1-2 days.

Tracking your Order

Applianceplus will email you with confirmation of your order details and a copy of your invoice. For orders that have been dispatched with Courier post you will also be given a tracking number. You can use the Track & Trace facility on the Courier post website to track your delivery. For larger items we use Flyways national distribution network. Read More

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